Sunday, April 29, 2012

New film about my work.

Produced by for Arte Tv
In English. Live painting and a visit to my ongoing solo show at the KØS. Museum in Køge
On view until sep. 16.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Make your own drawing at K.Ø.S.

Photos of the 'make your own drawing room' at my 10 year anniversary  solo show at the K.Ø.S. museum in Køge. The show runs until sep. 23rd. Go check it out.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Text (In Danish) and funny photos

from my trip to Palestine.
Read it HERE

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Last day in Palestine (Thursday)

I never got to show the photos of my final day on the West Bank. Here they are.
The day started out by a trip to the Palestinian Art Academy. I did a talk on graffiti, my work and how to make a living as an artist. After that they wanted me to do a workshop where I could teach them how to paint a big wall. I was not prepared for this but improvised a bit and told them to do some brain storming  and draw some sketches. After that we picked the best idea. They decided on drawing some big hands. I did a bit of painting on the parking lot while they painted hands. Then I returned to The Danish House In Palestine and did a drawing on the wall of a muslim lady with a viking hat. The Danish House In Palestine has made my trip possible and has done an excellent job of putting and interesting program together for me. Go visit the place if you are in Ramallah. They are such nice people and do all kinds of great cultural events. In the evening I painted a wall outside the restaurant where the farewell dinner was held. And then I returned to Denmark.
Palestine is an open-hearted country but the occupation makes life hard for the population. I hope the future holds peace for the people. And for the writers around the world: Go to Palestine! Its full off raw concrete and endless possibilities.
The students painting at the art academy as a part of the workshop I held

The 'guest professor' painting a bit while the students work on their wall.

An article on our' 'historic' mini-bus trip last monday with half of the graffiti writes in Palestine 

Painting at The Danish House In Palestine. Fantastic place.

Goodbye Palestine panting

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Leaving your head behind

The last thing I painted in Palestine (done a couple of hours ago). I'm too tired to upload the photos of all the things I have done today. Lots of stuff happend. I will upload them sometime during the weekend.
Its been a mind blowing week here on the West Bank. Tomorrow I'm flying back to normality.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Jerusalem and Bethlehem day

Today I did a bit of tourist stuff together with Karen from The Danish House In Palestine who invited me down here to work with the local writers. We went to Jerusalem. First we had to go from Ramallah past a strict Israeli checkpoint. A lot of the palestinians are not allowed to go to Jerusalem, but because we had an international passport we could enter. After Jerusalem we went to Bethlehem in Palestine were I did a workshop with some kids in a refugecamp. The camps here a not tent camps but small cities with real houses and narrow streets. This camp was build in the early 50ties after the Israeli invation. In the camp live 13.000 people on a very small area. At the worksshop I told the kids to paint a painting of them self on the wall. First I did a quick painting of myself and then it was their turn. They kept the concentration half way through the works shop but then a crazy sandstorm came flying in from the desert. Sand everywhere, things were flying round and the the kids found some spray paint and went crazy. Total chaos but pretty fun. In the end we had to confiscate the paint and stop the workshop. The mural turned out pretty alternative. On our way home we past by the birth church where Jesus was born (how do they know these things??)
Christians with a cross walking on the via della rosa in Jerusalem 

The muslim Dome Of The Rock on top of the Jewish wailing wall

The church build were Jesus was crucified 

Graffiti in the church made by the crusaders in the middle ages 

This stencil graffiti is made by the muslims when they come back from a trip to Mecca. You could see it around Jerusalem

Industrial orphanage

Jesus sandal

Holy land T-shirts

West Jerusalem the Jewish

Play that flute girl!

Marcel Duchamp did some art on the palestinian side of the wall.

Overlooking the refugee camp

Painting my self portrait

The kids painting self portraits 

Kids of all ages

You cant see the sandstorm on the photos, but when it came the kids went nuts.

And painted graffiti everywhere. You little vandals.

The result. Kids are funny.

The church in Bethlehem build on the spot where Jesus was born.

Here in the basement of the church is the actual spot. A group of russian pilgrims are kissing it. After this we went home.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Palestine day 5

Today I stayed in Ramallah and did a wall together with the local artist Majd 10 meters from the central square called Arafat Square. The sun was hot and a lot of curious people came by. After that I went to a playground with some female activists who wanted to learn how to paint a wall. They had done some political stencil graffiti before.  First I talked a bit about the many ways you can paint a mural and then they talked a lot back and forth about what to paint. In the end they came up with an idea. And painted it 15 min. before it got dark.
Tomorrow is the big Jerusalem day.

Majd doing stencils

On the square next to us was a demonstrations for the political prisoners.

With the activists on the playground

Wearing a low-fi space suit as paint protection

Working on the idea

I did a bit of painting while they did some brain storming

Action !

Final result. Must be the group photo of the year. The text says  'Female revolt''