Monday, April 16, 2012

Bus trip to Bethlehem.

Today we went on a bus trip to Bethlehem arranged by The Danish House in Palestine. In the mini bus was half of all of the graffiti writers in Palestine (10 people!) and many off these had never met before or painted with other writers. So it was a historic tour. The possible start of a movement.
We ended up doing a crazy wall where everyone did their thing.
Notice that none of the local writes use a graffiti name. The police don't care about graffiti here, so there is no reason to use a graffiti name.
On our way we went past the big wall Israel build on the West Bank. Many of the local artists  don't want to paint on it because they want it to stay ugly. On this photo Majd explains about the art piece he did in the back. It's all the letters of the 'Palestinian letter of independence'.

Here is the whole thing he did

The wall goes though palestinian cities and separate families.
Here we visit the painted part of the wall in Ramallah. The locals don't travel around the country so much, because its full of check points. So some of the writers had not seen this part of the wall before.

We managed to get the permission to paint this house near Bethlehem just by asking the owner.

First we did some sketches. The writes were not really use to paint with other writes and it took a while to get whole thing started.

Lunch. The food is excellent here.

All of the writers here do political graffiti.

Last minute character

I can easily say that I have never done a wall like this before.

Looking a the final result before getting on the bus again and going home to Ramallah