Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Palestine day 5

Today I stayed in Ramallah and did a wall together with the local artist Majd 10 meters from the central square called Arafat Square. The sun was hot and a lot of curious people came by. After that I went to a playground with some female activists who wanted to learn how to paint a wall. They had done some political stencil graffiti before.  First I talked a bit about the many ways you can paint a mural and then they talked a lot back and forth about what to paint. In the end they came up with an idea. And painted it 15 min. before it got dark.
Tomorrow is the big Jerusalem day.

Majd doing stencils

On the square next to us was a demonstrations for the political prisoners.

With the activists on the playground

Wearing a low-fi space suit as paint protection

Working on the idea

I did a bit of painting while they did some brain storming

Action !

Final result. Must be the group photo of the year. The text says  'Female revolt''