Sunday, April 15, 2012

Painting in Hebron.

I have been invited to the West Bank by the Danish House In Palestine to meet with local graffiti writers, paint and to see the country. Its been an amazing trip so far. Even if life is tough here people are so kind. And its the easiest place to paint. The police dont care what you are doing and you can get the permission to paint on all of the walls you want just by asking the owners of houses. This should be the new graffiti destination.
Beduin settlement 

Commercial graffiti 

This wall took 2 sec to get the permission to paint,

Painting with the local writer Adb. He sketched with a pencil

Check the guy on the mule. Culture clash!

using the local paint with the original cap

The text says something like 'make way' or 'clear the road' in arabic.

PFLP graffiti

Jewish settlement on the west bank.
The West Bank is a maze with road blocks, refugee camps, watch towers, walls....and normal people trying to lead a normal life in the middle of it all.

The sky over the holy land.
The wall. A pretty old school way to solve a problem.
The painted part of the wall in Ramallah.